Triangle Insurance and Benefits offers universal life insurance plans to individuals and families located not only in North Carolina but also nationwide. Universal Life Insurance is considered “permanent” life insurance because it can provide protection for your entire lifetime. In addition, a UL life policy can build cash value – money that you can borrow against and, in some instances, withdraw to help meet future needs. Also, cash values generally grow on a tax-deferred basis, meaning that you pay no taxes on any earnings in the policy so long as the policy remains in force. In today’s market, we generally recommend purchasing a Universal Life policy that incorporates a contractual guarantee; whereby if certain conditions are adhered to, the life insurance amount purchased is designed to remain in force for the insured’s lifetime.

Who should consider Universal Life Insurance?

  • Individuals or businesses needing long-term protection
  • Anyone who likes cash value accumulation on a tax-deferred basis
  • People that like contractual guarantees

What are the Benefits?

  • Tax-deferred cash accumulation is possible
  • Can be designed to remain in force for a person’s entire lifetime
  • It is possible to lock-in a specified premium for a specified period of time
  • Can access cash value through policy loans and/or withdrawals
  • Should you surrender your policy, your net cash value can be withdrawn

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